United Kingdom

Why Choose United Kingdom?

The most important question for aspirants wishing to relocate is country they might want to choose. Let us look at the reasons why you may want to consider relocating to the United Kingdom.


UK is an established marketplace built with a steady economy. The UK government relentlessly makes arrangements and applies new strategies to promote employment. Their intent is to make the UK “the best destination for researchers globally” even if it means attracting the talent pool from other countries. The country has relatively low levels of poverty and a steady government.

Thriving Tech sector

The UK’s digital industry is also worth stating. The digital tech sector in the UK grew six times faster as compared to other sectors providing employment to about 3 million people.

Ease of Visa Processing for skilled professionals

Britain has a proven track record of inviting skilled and talented professionals from other countries. The Global Talent Visa (or the Tech Nation Visa) is one of the initiatives for encouraging talents and leaders across the globe from to come and make a life in the UK.

Legal Frameworks and Rights

The UK is known to have strong labour laws and offers numerous employee benefits to the expats as well. For instance, anyone who works full-time is typically entitled to at least 20 days paid leave annually. Sick leave and parental leave are usually compensated to up to 39 weeks. Hence your employment rights are well safeguarded giving residents a sense of security.

Academic Excellence

The United Kingdom provides world-class education opportunities and has well-regarded educational establishments particularly when it comes to colleges and universities. The government also takes care of high standard primary and secondary schooling at no extra cost. This might be a key contributing factor in making the UK your preferred option.

Healthcare System

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is claimed to be one of the world’s leading health services. Britain takes pride in its healthcare as it has some of the world’s best hospitals. Expats, may have to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge while applying for the visa, which enables them to avail the NHS services around the country.

Standard and cost of living

UK is one of the most expensive countries in the world for living. However, it provides one of the best standards of life to its residents. Data from various quality of life surveys suggests that the UK’s cosmopolitan cities, cultural services and recreational options create a high quality of life for its residents.

Geographic location

The UK is strategically located for exploring short trips across Europe. Travelling across and outside the country is easy with commercial airports, the Eurostar train and ferry ports all over. The evolution of budget airlines makes travel much easier.

Diversity & Inclusivity

The UK is truly known for its multicultural and welcoming spirit. People from all over the globe make UK their second homeland. This is quite prevalent in its major cities like London, Manchester and Edinburgh. There are more than 300 languages spoken solely in London which is more than any other city worldwide.

Thus, expats choose the UK as their preferred destination due to the numerous economic opportunities, educational prospects, healthcare system, cultural diversity, legal frameworks and quality of life.

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