Terms and Conditions

1. The Client is advised to make the online payment directly and refrain from engaging any third party. JPI Services and its affiliated companies herein collectively referred to as JPI Services” disclaim any responsibility for any loss / liability arising out of the client’s disclosure of debit card/credit card or bank account details to any third entity while processing the payment. In some exceptional cases where the Client faces difficulty in processing the payments, a third party may go ahead with the payment on behalf of the Client, subject to additional terms charted in the Declaration.
2. The Company’s records, whether computerized or otherwise, with regards to payments shall assist as conclusive evidence of authenticity and accuracy and shall be binding for all purposes including legal proceedings. Such records may be presented as evidence in any legal or other matters.
3. The online payment facility depends upon the performance and speed of the server and associated IT infrastructure of the service provider and individual bank. JPI Services does not guarantee server uptime or transaction success time and shall not be held accountable for transaction outcomes. However, in the event of a technical issue resulting in double charges, JPI services will refund the second charge without levying interest or additional fees.

4. The Client bears sole responsibility for executed transactions and must refrain from sharing confidential credit card, debit card, internet banking or cash card information with any third party. JPI services disclaims liability for any such fraudulent misuse of such information. JPI services reserves the right to track the client’s IP address and take penal action against any fraudulent use of the payment gateway.

5. The Client must ensure adequate funds in their account to facilitate transaction success. Any charges or levies imposed by the service provider or bank due to insufficient funds will be recoverable from the Client.

6. JPI Services shall not be held liable for any damages or losses resulting from financial transactions on its website, fraudulent use or misuse of the Client’s credit card, debit card, internet banking or cash card by third parties. JPI services also disclaims responsibility for any errors, defects, costs, loss of profits or consequential losses arising from the client’s use or inability to use the services. JPI Services will not admit any obligation or responsibility for data loss, breach of confidentiality, privacy or any other consequences, howsoever might the occurrence be. However, JPI services would support the client in recovering the amount, on condition that the above losses have been caused to the client for reason barring their own deceitful act/mistake/misuse.

7. Any reversal of charges paid online is subject to the terms and conditions of the payment gateway and JPI services disclaims responsibility for any delays in such reversals.
8. All payments made are subject to the terms and conditions of the payment gateways and banks. By utilizing the service, the Client explicitly agrees to adhere to these terms and conditions and acknowledges that JPI Services shall not be held liable for any non-compliance.
9. JPI Services reserves the right to make alterations, additions or deletions to these terms and conditions which shall be binding upon the Client upon intimation by JPI Services.
10. The Client agrees not to utilize the services for unlawful purposes and undertakes to prevent unauthorized use of the services by safeguarding their credit card, debit card, internet banking or cash card details.
11. JPI Services may suspend or terminate services due to operational difficulties with the Client remaining responsible for transactions conducted until such termination.
12. These terms must be read in concurrence with the terms and conditions outlined in the Contract signed by the client with JPI Services.
13. These terms shall be governed by the applicable laws of Dubai, UAE

14. Any disputes arising from these terms shall fall under the jurisdiction of Dubai, UAE