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A skilled worker visa which is also usually known as employment visa or work visa is a kind of immigration document that permits bearers to work and live in a foreign country based on their qualifications, unique skills and professional experience. Skilled worker visas play an important role in enabling the movement of talent and expertise across borders, assisting countries to manage their labour shortages and thus contribute to their economic development and innovation. These visas are often offered to attract persons with relevant skills or expertise that are much in demand in the issuing country’s job market.
To qualify for a skilled worker visa, aspirants usually need to meet certain eligibility criteria which includes getting a job offer from an employer in the host country, possessing specific qualifications or certifications in their domain, showcasing a certain level of proficiency in the language widely spoken across the country and meeting certain health and character requirements. Once granted a skilled worker visa, individuals are typically allowed to reside and work in the host country for a specified period which may range from a few years and renewable depending on the terms of the visa.

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