Why Choose Serbia?

There are numerous reasons why expats may choose Serbia for relocation:

Geographical Location

Serbia is in the heart of the Balkans. This makes it easily accessible from both Eastern and Western Europe making travel and connections comparatively convenient.


As compared to many other Western European countries, the cost of living in Serbia is quite low. This comprises of expenses such as housing, groceries, transport and healthcare which is particularly appealing to residents wishing to stretch their resources.

Job Opportunities

Serbia has a growing economy with various industries including manufacturing, agriculture, information technology and tourism. Expats who have the right skillsets and expertise in these areas may find ample job opportunities with relative ease.

Quality of Life

Serbia takes pride in its rich cultural heritage with significant historical sites, vibrant cities and amazing landscapes. Moreover, the country offers a comparatively high quality of life with easy access to healthcare amenities, excellent education and other vital services.

Safety and Stability

Compared to a few other countries in the area, Serbia is found to be more stable. They have a democratic political system and the rule of law is usually upheld giving a sense of security and safety to expats and their families.

Immigration Policies

Serbia has several visa options and residency permits easily available for expats including programs for aspirants who wish to invest, study and work. The government is open to overseas talent and investment which may attract people who seek to settle in the country.

Overall, while every individual would have their own reasons to choose a destination, Serbia offers a perfect blend of economic opportunities, affordability, quality of life and cultural richness to attract people from all over the world.

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