Refund Policy

Customers acknowledge and agree that they are not eligible to seek a refund if they decide to terminate their contract with JPI Services.
Customers confirm that all our terms, conditions and privacy policy are thoroughly reviewed and understood by them before making decisions about availing our services.
Customers may choose to pause or abandon the application process at various stages without any expectation of the refund from us, even if this decision is taken a day after signing the agreement. Refunds will not be issued nor can it be claimed once the agreement is signed, as all the essential information was provided in accordance with the rules and regulations of the specific service or applications.
Clients with a criminal record, medical concerns, lack of proficiency in English or an inability to provide the essential documentation as required will not be eligible for a refund. In addition, any amendments in criteria, corporate policies or external factors impacting eligibility such as feedback from immigration offices, will not entitle clients to a refund, particularly in cases of medical, security, financial inadequacy, incorrect or misleading information shared, language proficiency, educational inconsistencies, work experience discrepancies or any violation of contractual terms.
In rare occurrences where a refund could be granted, it will be on an individual case-by-case basis and contrary to the standard terms and conditions of JPI Services. In case a refund application is accepted, it will be processed within 90 working days post review by the legal team of JPI Services.
For comprehensive details and relevant clauses, please review the contract signed by both parties.