Why Choose Germany?

Today more than nine million expats have made Germany their second home. This country is the second most popular destination globally after the United States.

Let’s explore a few key factors that make Germany an attractive option.

Strong Economy

Germany aims to be one of the largest and most stable economies in Europe, helping residents with ample opportunities for employment and career growth. With a varied range of industries such as automotive, manufacturing, engineering and technology, there cannot be a shortage of job for skilled workers. People with technical skills such as IT professionals, engineers, healthcare workers and researchers are in high demand.

Quality of Life

Germany steadily ranks high in global quality of life indices due to its exceptional healthcare system, high standard of education, well-organized public transportation and well-maintained infrastructure. Residents can benefit from these facilities and enjoy a comfortable standard of living.


Germany is known for its world-class academics, providing free education at public universities and campuses for both domestic and international students thus providing access to top-quality education without shouldering the burden of hefty tuition fees.

Diversity and Inclusion

Germany is a multicultural society that values diversity and encourages inclusion. Migrants are welcomed to completely participate in the social, cultural and economic facets of the country.

Safety and Security

Germany is known for its strong rule of law, safety and security. Residents can remain assured that they and their loved ones are safe and can grow in a peaceful living environment.

EU Benefits

On becoming a resident of Germany, one also gets access to the benefits which include freedom of movement within the EU, easy access to healthcare even in other EU countries and the capability to live and work in any EU member country.

Social Welfare System

Germany has a strong social welfare system that supports those in need, including unemployment benefits, healthcare coverage, parental leave and retirement pensions. Residents who make contributions to the German economy are entitled to avail these social services and protections.

In a nutshell, Germany provides numerous opportunities for personal and professional progress in addition to a high quality of life and a welcoming environment.

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