Business Services

Business Setups

We at JPI Services, realize that this is the best time for zealous entrepreneurs to establish their base in Dubai. It is becoming one of the largest financial hubs for seasoned and new entrepreneurs across the globe.
We aim at creating a seamless experience for the buddying talent seeking to invest in the UAE. We offer customized and comprehensive business solutions and extend our corporate services to all our clients. Our consultants first understand your business, your goals and your aspirations to closely work with you to identify the highest value opportunities and the most intricate challenges and then provide the appropriate guidance on selecting the most suited legal structure for your business, such as a mainland, free zone or offshore entity.
Additionally, we assist you with securing the necessary licenses and permits, in addition to facilitating the registration process with government authorities. We also provide support with visa applications for you and your employees, opening bank accounts, trade name registration and securing the right space for business operations.
Our commitment to making your dream a reality doesn’t stop here. We know the challenges and difficulties that promising entrepreneurs face while establishing their businesses in a foreign land. We also incessantly support you with your accountancy, book-keeping, human resources, marketing, brand positioning and permissible operational activities. We want you utilize the local marketplace and extend all the resources that you need to strengthen your venture’s working agility.