Why Choose Bulgaria?

Bulgaria offers numerous benefits for people who may wish to make this country their new home. Here is an overview of why immigrants may choose Bulgaria for settlement.

Cost of Living

Bulgaria is known for its comparatively low cost of living among other European countries. Housing, food and commuting are reasonable making it an attractive choice for people looking for affordability.

Quality of Life

Bulgaria is blessed with a diverse landscape that includes soaring high mountains, pristine beaches and historic cities promising a high quality of life for its residents. Bulgaria has many opportunities for outdoor recreational activities, cultural events and leisure quests.

Economic Opportunities

Bulgaria has a developing economy, hence there is an abundance of opportunities for employment and businesses, mainly in sectors such as IT, tourism and manufacturing. The country's strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East is a boon for business and trade.


Bulgaria has various arrangements under universal healthcare coverage for its residents. This gives them access to public healthcare services and amenities.


Bulgaria has a well-acknowledged education system, with some great opportunities for both children and adults. Education is free of cost and mandatory for children up to the age of 16 and the country is home to some of the renowned universities and institutions for advanced learning.

Cultural Diversity and Tolerance

Bulgaria is known for its cultural diversity and open-minded outlook with a rich heritage of traditions, languages and ethnicities.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Bulgaria has well invested in developing their infrastructure including transportation networks, telecommunications and utilities.

Overall, Bulgaria offers a blend of affordable lifestyle and options for residency and citizenship that may encourage people to make Bulgaria their new home in Europe.

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